Epoxy Solvent Type Coating K-35

This 2-part solvent type Epoxy Topcoat is designed for both horizontal and vertical surface, it’s thin and easy to apply by rollers. K-35 Topcoat is waterproof with good protection to most chemicals and oils, against abrasion, outstanding adhesion to various substance like metal, glass and ceramic. 

  • Suitable for : Parking Lot, Light Duty Production Line, Warehouse, Walls, Offices and so on.
  • Package & Mixing Ratio : 24 kg/set of Part A 20kg and Part B 4kg ; A : B = 5 : 1
  • Recommend Coverage : 0.15-0.2 kg per m2 for 150 Micron thickness per layer
  • Color : KOHO Standard color Chart, customized color available 


KOHO Standard Color

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